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With over 10 years of service, Kremenik boat has rich and varied Adriatic hospitality heritage. From our fishing adventure roots to today’s impeccable boat tours, routs, attractions, and amenities we remain family to this day.
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Welcome to Kremenik

With over 10 years of service, Kremenik boat has rich and varied Adriatic hospitality heritage. From our fishing adventure roots to today’s impeccable boat tours, routs, attractions, and amenities we remain family to this day.

Our journey into a future of hospitality, innovation and passion for immaculate service started with a family – owned and run by captain and his son together, here in Klenovica. Kremenik boat was made in 1953, in Vela Luka. Not long after that, Kremenik was already sailing for Split where it stayed until 1995 when current Captain Robert bought it and took to its permanent home Klenovica.

Since 1953 to 2010 Kremenik served as a large fishing boat, either in Vela Luka, Split or Klenovica. It was not long before Kremenik boat became a synonym for warm welcoming and paying attention to details. These attributes are core to the Kremenik boat today.

Kremenik boat as we know today was born in 2010 when Captain Robert and his only son young son transformed old and rustic fishing boat into a beautiful and fresh new looking tourist boat. Remaining sensitive to its Dalmatian tradition and heritage, their careful curation and restoration enriched the boat even more than before. Captain Robert had a vision for exclusive tourist boat in unspoiled and scenic locations. That vision was supported by the merging tourism boom and enhanced Croatian infrastructure.

The time was right to move the business vision as one brand and one family. We entered a process of re-energisation and maintained our reputation for impeccable service quality.

Today our guests can experience the rich history of region in exquisite and modern luxury. An icon of Klenovica paved the way for further expansions, along with the introduction of tourist attractions and new business projects, fuelling a new era for Kremenik boat.

Kremenik boat and its Captain are looking forward to what is coming next in what are exciting and innovative times.


‘’Provide Kremenik passengers with the best day trip experience and strengthen relationships through travel.’’


"We strive to create a positive example within the tourism industry in Croatia based on our long and successful business practice. We strive to be an example of a model for self-sustainable and efficient business in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. "


  • Ensuring safe, responsible, and secure tours.
  • Warmly welcoming our guests and crew members to our home, making them feel a part of the Kremenik family.
  • Embracing diversity and being inclusive.
  • Engaging by being friendly and smiling all the way on any tour.
  • Showing trust, care and respect for each other, our boat, and the environment.
  • Responding proactive and rapidly until any issues are resolved.
  • Showing pride in what we do and in our company.
  • Including fun in everything we do and everywhere we go!


  • Continue to reduce waste generated by our boat operations.
  • Continue to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, providing all our crew members with a positive work environment and opportunities to build a rewarding career to further drive crew members engagement.
  • Continue to improve water use efficiency of our boat operations.
  • Continue to strive to be free of any injuries, as we continue to build on our commitment to protect health, safety and security of our guests and crew members.
  • Continue to work on initiatives and partnerships that support a broad range of organizations for the benefit of our local community throughout our brand.


Our guests on Kremenik boat expect the best when they tour with us and this includes a safe and high-quality service and product. We always make sure we appropriately label our tours, deliver any information about departure time and cancellation on time and ensure that they meet testing quality and any safety regulations.


On Kremenik boat, we need always need to be ready for any challenge or emergency affecting our tours. That includes working continuously to improve our internal controls and establishing objectives and plans to correct any deficiencies.


Information Is a critical component to our business and we are committed to protecting it. If you have access to our confidential information, it is paramount that you collect and use it responsibly. That includes our non-public financial data, marketing information, trademarks, copyrights, creative works, tour plans and any other data. We appreciate that you never disclose this information in public or to anyone outside of our company without our approval.


On Kremenik boat we believe in fair and healthy competition that will ensure quality service and fair prices. Just as we compete fairly, we expect our competitors to do the same. Never making an agreement with competitors, or even appear to agree, to restrict trade, limit production or boycott others and never exchange sensitive information with competitors, such as prices, bids, or costs. We are always trying to be honest about your relationship with us and transparent in any field of business.


Kremenik boat is also a pet friendly boat, meaning that your best buddy can travel with us too. What kind of travel photos would be without them? We sure cannot wait to meet them all!


This boat with a professional licensed captain will take you and the other passengers on a fixed route. Each rout is carefully planned from visiting quite historic attractions to busiest large cultural sights on Kvarner. You get to see this part of Croatia from a very different perspective, rough and industrial at some spots but also interesting and beautiful intact nature. Krk island is an interesting mixture of industry, cultural venues, residential areas, and hospitality venues. Additionally, to the regular tours and routs there is a good chance of spotting dolphins that follow us on our journey to destination. In a rather short time, you will get a good impression of Kvarner destinations.


Our official website is kremenik.com – you are here!

For a look at Kremenik boat through the eyes of our guests, visit our Tripadvisor and Viator profile.

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To contact us by phone: +385 91 938 3979 – Captain Robert +385 95 360 4432 or – Tour Operator Maja

Or visit us directly on the address: Ribarska 18, 51 252 Klenovica, Croatia.

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